LikeCoin Grants 是由 LikeCoin FoundationMatters 共同發起的資助計畫。本計畫旨在對社群裡各種貢獻者提供更積極的支持,以搭建有益於共創一個更完整生態系的工具、產品、活動或商業。

Co-initiated by LikeCoin Foundation and Matters, the LikeCoin Grants is a token funding program aiming to actively engage all sorts of contributors in the LikeCoin community and to help them build tools, products, events or businesses that add great value toward a more comprehensive ecosystem.

⚠️【重要公告】因應 LikeCoin Chain 公共資源配置決策去中心化自治,Like Grants 計畫目前暫停接受新提案申請,並且正在重新規劃整提架構與規則。新版的 LikeCoin Grants 2.0 預計在 2022 年第一季恢復上路,敬請期待。(2021.12.31)

⚠️ [ Important Notice ] In response to the continuous decentralization of the governance body on the LikeCoin Chain side, the LikeCoin Grants Program has temporarily paused on taking new applications. The selection and appointment of the executive body of the prgoram, including the co-ordinator and the committee, and the mechanisms related, will be re-designed. A brand new LikeCoin Grants 2.0 is expected to come back in the first season of 2022.(2021.12.31)

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